We’re (almost) back baby!

New Venue Update

We signed the lease this week and paid the deposit.

We are aiming to be in the new location as early as possible, hopefully mid-August. We have restarted membership payments – The starting membership fee will be £45 per month. Joining details are at: https://www.pinballrepublic.com/join-us

We expect to be able to reduce this in time but in order to get up and running we will need the fee to be at this level. Within 6 months we will review and share the finances with you and hopefully be able to reduce the amount.

The variable of which we are uncertain is guest attendance figures. We have been conservative in our estimates but with the new location we are expecting increased revenue.

It will always be cheaper to be a member than a guest and we will have more and more for our members as we find our feet in the new location.

The location of the new club is:
Unit 60, Lower Mall

Centrale Shopping Centre
Croydon CR0 1TY
Our opening hours are expected to be:
Saturday 10:00-17:00
Sunday 10:00-16:00
Thursday 18:00-23:00

We will extend this and open on other days for events etc.
Guest admission is likely to be £15 for 3 hours – £25 for a whole day at weekends but we will confirm this before we open.

Thank you all for your continued support – we couldn’t have done it without you.
We are awaiting final dates for entry and we will need your help with moving in, as soon as dates are finalised we will share with you.
PBR Team.


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